• To be the preferred precision machining services partner for our customers and critical to their success
  • To provide an attractive and safe working environment for our employees to grow their skills and maximize their potential
  • To build a profitable and sustainable business for our investors, customers and employees


With a heritage of over 75 years, HN Precision has been successfully developing machining solutions for complex parts. The Company’s headquarters facility is co-located with manufacturing in Lake Bluff, Illinois.With a firm belief that people are at the core of our success, they form the company’s foundation and future direction. The passion for excellence that all HN Precision employees maintain, allow the company to make customers the top focus and priority. We work as a team at HN Precision and through our lean techniques. The HN team strives to have the highest integrity as individuals and as a company.


HN Precision started as four independent precision machine component manufacturing companies that were acquired and added to the Precision Partners Holding Company family. General Automation, Inc. founded in 1935; Gillette Machine & Tool founded in 1947; Helio Precision Products established in 1984 and Nationwide Precision Products, founded in 1965. The four companies were strategically aligned, and the process of integration began in 2011. Final consolidation into the Lake Bluff facility took place in 2019, culminating in a single HN Precision manufacturing and headquarters location.

HN Precision focuses on building long-term business partnerships with OEM’s and Tier one’s in multiple markets striving to be the customer’s end-to-end solutions provider. HN manufacturing engineers not only assist customers with “design for manufacturability” improvements on initial designs, but also develop product-specific tools and holding jigs, machining sequences, and inspection fixtures. HN Precision works with customers to select and source raw materials and has supply chain relationships capable of providing a “virtually” integrated solution when requested.

HN Precision is a turnkey supplier of Manufacturing and Process Expertise for well-known end-product manufacturers.

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